Ben and Brandon

Ben and Brandon
Ben & Brandon are the founders of online food company, Keto Farms. They are revolutionizing the keto movement by using the cleanest, keto-friendly ingredients and a 'from-the-Earth' concept which excludes sweeteners, preservatives or additives of any kind. Keto Farms provides more than just keto-approved products – they promote a healthy, sustainable and well-rounded keto lifestyle.

Brain-Boosting Keto Coconut Soup w/ Cast-Iron Salmon

This keto coconut soup with a cast-iron salmon filet is a go-to when we’re craving something rich, creamy and savory, but want to be left feeling great afterward.Hearty salmon and rich coconut milk are complemented perfectly by the bright, flavorful acidity from freshly squeezed lime. Add the curried spices,...

Keto and the Quest for Longevity

The ketogenic diet is now America’s #1 most-searched diet according to Google Trends. Interest in keto is currently 130% higher than vegan and over ten times higher than paleo.The diet’s ability to promote dramatic weight loss appears to be behind this sudden explosion of interest. Scroll through Instagram or...