Charlotte Japp

Charlotte Japp
Charlotte Japp is the Founder of CIRKEL, an intergenerational networking platform that connects people from different ages through cultural events and co-mentorships. She is based in Brooklyn, NY and is usually found lost in thought about the future of work, design, or puppies.

CIRKEL: Real Life Story of Intergenerational Mentoring for Men and Women

CIRKEL is a startup that connects professionals across ages for two-way mentorships and knowledge exchanges. CIRKEL members are virtually introduced to someone new outside their “age bubble” every month. Over 70% of introductions immediately plan a second meeting or plan to stay in touch, and these conversations continue as...

CIRKEL Intergenerational Mentoring Event: Fashion NYC

Fashion is an industry that treasures youth, champions beauty, and changes its entire look from season to season. It’s a world that is as hard to stay in as it is to enter. In the infamous words of Heidi Klum, “Either you’re in, or you’re out.” It’s no wonder, then,...