Diana McBride

    Diana McBride
    The Orange County native lives and works on the California Rivera as the Associate Publisher for a prominent luxury lifestyle magazine. Diana created Dynamic Women of Orange County in 2012, as well as other female focused annual initiatives for the magazine. At 60, she has become a local anti-aging guru for OC women.

    How I Got My Teeth Tuned Up

    Here's my tooth tale: Growing up in sunny Southern California, I was always outside having fun with my friends. A game of Marco Polo in the swimming pool when I was 9 caused me to hit my front two middle teeth on the bottom of the pool. The trauma...

    Plastic Confidential: Cosmetic Age Interventions. Should You?

    If we truly are a product of our environment, then I must be Barbie because I live in a Barbie world. Before you judge me or "hate me because I'm beautiful" consider your own lifestyle.Maybe you're a health nut who spends lots of time searching for the best industrial-grade juicer,...