Jack Phan

Jack Phan
Jack is the CTO of AGEIST. An entrepreneur, Jack is also the CEO of PhanZu, a publisher services company in Portland, OR. Jack spends his time mentoring startups, founders, and entrepreneurs to develop strategies for small businesses. Jack is also the proud #ONCEUncle to the fanbase of K-pop girl group TWICE.

Too Old for K-Pop?

My journey into K-pop and specifically as #ONCEUncle has been an incredible one. Last year, I answered questions on AGEIST about how TWICE fans made me “Feel Special” and ultimately brought me to this amazing fanbase with the positive vibes they create. “Happiness is ageless,” I said. After all, TWICE...

Hayao Miyazaki

Welcome Back Hayao Miyazaki Hats off this week to the Japanese animation legend who just couldn’t stay retired. Hayao Miyazaki, whose anime films for the studio he co-founded in 1985 helped set the standard for animation globally, decided earlier this year to end his 5-year “retirement,” when a film idea...

Don’t Let Life Happen to You

Own it. Do it. I had a wonderful conversation this week with Leona West Fox, functional nutritionist, on Catherine O’s pod cast.  One of the things she said was “Don’t let food happen to you” as in take charge, take responsibility for what you eat. Let’s expand it to “Don’t let...

Reading and Lifelong Learning.

Lifelong learning has become an increasingly crucial component of successfully maintaining physical and mental health. The voluntary and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge allows us to reap a number of benefits: social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development, according to a 2012 study in the journal ScienceDirect. It can extend life...

We are Creating a New Way of Looking at People Our Age

Open Dialogue The look of AGEIST and the choice of people we feature is something we wrestle with every week. In trying to create a new way of looking at people our age, and as in any new endeavor, there are times when we get it right, and times when we...