Jeff Gurman

Jeff Gurman founded Gurman Wealth Management, Inc with the express intent of helping his community with important financial, insurance and estate planning issues. Jeff has been providing financial services and advanced tax and risk mitigation strategies to successful businesses and individuals since 1990.

IRA Mandatory Withdrawal Requirements & RMDs

Could you run us through the mandatory withdrawal requirements with some of the IRA products? If you have money in a retirement plan, you typically must start withdrawing that money in rules called “Required Minimum Distributions” (RMDs). If you don't take your RMD, you'll have to pay a penalty of...

Make the Most Out of Your Charitable Giving This Year

How can taxpayers make the most out of their charitable giving?  Here is a great end-of-year hack for the charitably inclined: If you have appreciated assets and plan to make a charitable contribution before the end of the year, you should consider donating that highly appreciated asset to your Donor...

Year-End Financial Planning: Roth & Crypto

There has been some talk about eliminating the Backdoor Roth. What is a Backdoor Roth, and what should we know about the planned changes? Not just talk; this is one of my favorite tax hacks, and it is on the Congressional chopping block. The Roth IRA, the Backdoor Roth and...

The End of 2021, Taxes and the Changes Coming. Get Prepared Now.

Four End of Year Tax Mitigation Tips: As we know, the House of Representatives already passed the Build Back Better (BBB) legislation. It contains a few tax increases and even some tax decreases, most starting next year. We still don’t know what changes, if any, the Senate will make,...