John Bard Manulis

John Bard Manulis
John Manulis' diverse career as a creative producer, director, executive, and entrepreneur spans the worlds of entertainment, live events, technology, and social/political activism. He specializes in projects infused with a social/political consciousness that use the power of storytelling, technology, and strategic partnerships to encourage a healthier, more just and productive world.

Cryotherapy: Is It For You?

Have you ever felt the urge to frolic in an ice-cold mountain lake in winter, or relax at -165 degrees Fahrenheit in billowing clouds of liquid nitrogen? No? Me neither. But, have you ever wanted to live a longer, healthier life, with increased physical performance and an optimized mental state?...

S-Club: Future Fitness

Overlooking a beautiful bay near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, replete with swimmers, surfers, paddle boarders, joggers, fishermen casting nets, people walking to and from town, and others just soaking up nature's own vitamin D, one is tempted to believe that physical activity and health are just part and parcel of...

Jack Douglas, John Lennon’s Producer

It was 1964 and 17-year-old Jack Douglas was feeling the heat. Elizabeth Taylor leveled her dazzling, world-famous, violet-hued eyes at him and said simply, "You know, Jack, you really need to stop this stuff you're doing and play your music." Facing that kind of firepower, with Sir Richard Burton looking on...

How to Stay Vital? Help others and Take Chances

We all spend the early years of our lives essentially as sponges — soaking up everything we see, hear, taste, and feel, without prejudice or agenda. As we grow up, various pressures conspire to avoid the risk of failure, and to build a protective shell around our fragile egos. The...