John Tarnoff

John Tarnoff
I’m a reinvention career coach, speaker, and bestselling author who connects people over 50 to their inner calling, and helps them transform their work lives into meaningful, purposeful, and sustainable. second act-careers. Fired 39% over 35 year career as a media/entertainment exec, I learned how to turn setbacks into successes I reinvented my own career at 50, earning a master’s degree in psychology to focus on professional development and training.

John Tarnoff: How do I reinvent myself?

Getting Past the AI Firewall, How to Reinvent a Career and What Are My Skills? Hi, AGEIST readers, it’s John Tarnoff, your second-act-career Dear Abby. Let’s dive into some of this month’s questions.Isabelle wants to know the story on applying for a job and  “getting past the AI firewall when...