Megan Regnerus

    Megan Regnerus
    Megan Regnerus turned 50 this year and loves to Nordic ski, trail run, bike and seize the day in Bozeman, Montana. Her published writing can be found in a dusty box under her stairs and also at www.meganregnerus.com.

    The Deer Story: A Lesson in Living in the Moment

    Stop. Look. Listen…Magic Awaits My husband and I had just returned from a trail run in the mountains of southwest Montana when something unusual happened. You would have thought if magic was going to unfold — one of those moments where time stops and you are fully present and silly...

    What a 50 y/o Can Learn from a 70 y/o Mother

    What 50 Can Learn From 70: Learning From My Mother’s Regret Last summer, within a month of each other, my mother and I turned 70 and 50. When I was growing up I always saw my mother as old – some future age I could hardly conceive of ever being....