Megan Regnerus

Megan Regnerus turned 50 this year and loves to Nordic ski, trail run, bike and seize the day in Bozeman, Montana. Her published writing can be found in a dusty box under her stairs and also at www.meganregnerus.com.

The Deer Story: A Lesson in Living in the Moment

Stop. Look. Listen…Magic Awaits My husband and I had just returned from a trail run in the mountains of southwest Montana when something unusual happened. You would have thought if magic was going to unfold — one of those moments where time stops and you are fully present and silly...

What a 50 y/o Can Learn from a 70 y/o Mother

What 50 Can Learn From 70: Learning From My Mother’s Regret Last summer, within a month of each other, my mother and I turned 70 and 50. When I was growing up I always saw my mother as old – some future age I could hardly conceive of ever being....