Meredith Keeve

After 25 years in Europe, Meredith Keeve now lives in Deauville, France. Having worked in magazines in Paris, London and Warsaw, she has recently written for the French Lingerie Federation and the web site FabAfterFifty.

Making an Effort To Connect- Develop Your Joie De Vivre

Yesterday I spoke to my favorite French cousin, Françoise. She called me from Port Navalo, a charming seaside town in southern Brittany on the Atlantic coast. We compared notes on our summers, and she explained she had managed the 7-member tribe of her grandchildren (she is 60+) for two...

How to Simply, Cheaply Entertain as the French Do: Dispatches From Deauville

Living your best life in France means adapting to new circumstances and embracing new situations. Whether the new circumstances are retirement, moving to a new place, or losing a partner to death or divorce, French seniors are making it work. They are out there, participating in the life of...

The French vs the American Way of Better Living. Dispatches from Deauville

There are several levels of human connection that we all crave as humans. There are our close friends and family members, but equally important are the large number of people we interact with in our day-to-day. One of the commonalities of any global area of longevity is living with...