Peter Thornton

Peter Thornton
Peter Thornton is a travel and content manager for Chatflights. He has covered the airline industry for over 15 years and is always looking for new ways to score a flight deal. When he’s not helping clients book flight redemptions, you’ll find him exploring the great outdoors.

Most Valuable Amex Points Redemptions for Flights

At Chatflights, we often get requests from people with a ton of Amex points sitting in the bank who wish to spend them in the most valuable way. 200,000 Amex points typically only gives you about $2,000 in value when shopping for flights in the Amex travel portal but...

Which Credit Card Points Are More Valuable for Flights: Amex or Chase?

At Chatflights, we compare the cost of booking flights with points across several different programs as well as cash tickets, and then recommend and book flight solutions for our clients. An ongoing debate with the Chatflights team is which of the two most popular credit card points currencies are...

Why Do Airline Rewards Programs Exist?

You may be wondering how airlines can possibly afford to be giving away “free” seats on flights. While these programs may have been costly to airlines in the beginning, the opposite is true these days. Rewards programs are a big money maker for the airlines, both from a loyalty...

Frequent Flyer Point Tips: 5 Crazy Best Business Class Seats in the World

Back in the day, there were only two classes of service when flying: First or Economy. Towards the end of the 1970s, a Business Class product emerged across the airline industry and its seats have evolved into a product that can be synonymous with First Class for many unbeknownst...

Got Points? First and Business Class Flights Are Attainable

While we may have been flying economy for most of our lives due to prohibitive cash prices for long-haul flights in First or Business Class, the same does not hold true when it comes to redeeming points and miles. In fact, it is rarely worth it to redeem points...