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    Tips for frequent air travel

    This week we asked June Holz, global sales manager, for her tips for frequent air travel.

    • When possible, fly the same airline, get the same seat, bring the same kit on board, and place your things in the same place around your seat. So much of the stress of flying is about learning new things; leave the learning for vacations. For business, save your brain for the tasks at hand.
    • Try not to ever eat the airplane food; bring food of your own. This applies no matter what class of service you are flying. The airline’s interest is to get you fed as quickly and cheaply as they can. Your interest is to eat as healthy and vitally as you can.
    • Drink huge amounts of water before and after your flight. The flight attendants drink 3 liters of water on long hauls, but they don’t have rowmates that may be annoyed by frequent restroom visits. Flights are hugely dehydrating, and a lot of jet lag is just lack of water.
    • Get to the airport early, really early, and chill out. Airports are much nicer now than they used to be, and it is so much more pleasant to take care of last minute work there while awaiting your flight, vs at the office and arrive frantic about missing your flight.
    • If traveling with a friend, book the aisle and the window seats, leave the middle open. No one wants a middle and there is a good chance you will have it to yourself.

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