Best Practices for Mate Selection from an 85 year old.

mate selection

This week, we asked author and love authority, 85-year-old Regina Dreyer Thomas to contribute her wisdom.

-When you’ve succumbed to that dazzling smile and twinkle in the eyes just for you, go with it — the heart knows no boundaries. But as your relationship progresses, rely more on your gut.

-Look for emotional availability. How sincere is this person? All that sexy glitter may indeed be gold but your gut will tell you if you’ve bought into the mask and not the substance.  You’ve got to be completely comfortable with this person and trust that what you see is indeed what you get.

-It takes several weeks of living in each other’s lives to decide whether there’s a future in store for the two of you. If snoring, sloppiness, disrespect for differences, and not wanting to try something new are problems that you or the other person are unwilling to do something about, you might need to rethink how important the issue is and proceed accordingly. Walking on eggs is bad exercise for the feet and psyche.

-Move on if you feel you’ve been let down, promises keep being broken, and the joy and fun have gone out of the relationship. Put the blame on yourself if you want to break up. The only thing that really changes about people is their mind.


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