A creative director shares his morning productivity


Up at 5am.

Take the dog out for a quick walk. He’s not thrilled with the brisk temperature, but I am. I love the cold, crisp air and silence to transition into consciousness.

Prepare the breakfast tray for my husband and I — we start every day with a light breakfast together as we talk about the day ahead.

The New York Times and/or The New Yorker sites to read 3-4 articles to understand what’s happening in the world or to pique my intellectual curiosity.

Drive to work listening to NPR or The Daily podcast to get an aural dose of stimuli.

Spend an hour at the office gym — trainer twice a week interspersed with running, spinning or rowing.

Arrive at the office by 8:30 to plan my day and scan my emails to prioritize (or re-prioritize) projects.

9am: prep time is complete, the team starts to appear in the office, and social engagement and productivity kick into high gear!