intergenerational mentorship

For awhile, AGEIST has been thinking about how we could help activate an intergenerational knowledge transfer. Younger people know stuff we don’t and, conversely, we know stuff from our time that they don’t. Presenting, CIRKEL. If you are in NYC or nearby, go to this event — especially if you are in the creative industries. Not only do we creatives age out of our industries due to misplaced prejudice, younger creatives are never given a road map of how to do a career. After all, it’s not like working at a law firm. This is a brilliant idea and we hope to be involved in a national roll out of CIRKEL. We — as in, everyone — need to be connected up and down the age column, and this is a great way to do it. Thank you to Charlotte Japp, brilliant creative at VICE who came up with CIRKEL.


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