Playa Viva: Award-Winning Regenerative Travel Destination

Regenerative is the watchword for travel 2021-2022. We have our eye on Playa Viva, located just south of Zihuatanejo Ixtapa International Airport (ZIH). It...

The Pilot Who Pivoted to Making the World’s Best Most Sustainable Bag, Orra

We are increasingly concerned about the consequences of our buying decisions, especially in regards to travel. We discovered Ryan Thompson, ex-military now flying big...

Regenerative Travel

How do we square the positive effects of travel with its negative impacts? Travel is a huge industry, accounting for around 10% of global...

Places We Dream of Being: The Dunia Baru

With most of the northern hemisphere locked in a deep freeze, we are dreaming about being on this rather amazing ship, maybe sailing The...

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