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    5 Instagram feeds we like today.

    There a couple of different flavors of IG feeds. There are the ones that are for letting your friends know what you are up to. Then there are those that are designed for wide audience viewing. Some of the latter group should really be in the former group, and surprisingly some more personal feeds end up being the more widely viewed ones

    We have a special allergy to the highly-curated feeds with that squeaky clean look of a consumer product ad- clearly algorithm friendly, and utterly boring. Our recent favs all make a statement, and they don’t look like anyone’s feeds but their one.

    Here are 5 Instagram Feeds we like that stand out from the crowd that we find inspiring and informative.

    Photo from @cindysherman
    Photo from @cindysherman

    Cindy Sherman. @cindysherman. A mix of utterly subversive art done on her phone, with simple snaps of the local seal colony or her garden vegatables. It’s hard to when we are shown a a snap of Japanese tooth paste exactly what is being communicated. Is it ironic? Is it the color? Or does she like the flavor? It’s a puzzlement. Genius artist does social media.

    Photo from @jeanwoods7
    Photo from @jeanwoods7

    Jean Woods. @jeanwoods7. Incredible style. If one is inclined to do a fashion page, make it interesting. Jean is the single most interesting person we have seen publishing her fashion looks on IG. Confession: we have been stalking Jean Woods for a year now trying to get an interview, and she refuses, saying “ I don’t do that sort of thing anymore.” A publicity shy fashion icon Instagramer- a rarity.

    Photo from @jules_daily_balance
    Photo from @jules_daily_balance

    Jules Daily Balance. @jules_daily_balance. We have mentioned her in the past, and it’s one of those feeds we try to look at daily. We know nothing about her other than she lives in the UK, is in her early 50s and works really hard at doing gymnastics moves. She is a god gymnast, but not a great one. She falls all the time. Its watching her struggle with her injuries, and her less than perfect performance that has us pulling for her. Go Jules!

    Photo from @thesartorialist
    Photo from @thesartorialist


    The Sartorialist. @thesartorialist. This is not exactly a news flash, Scott Schulman has been doing street fashion for a decade, and has 1M followers. He is the classiest street fashion photographer out there, and he is a real photographer, highly skilled- the images are gorgeous, the cloths are classic.

    Photo from @archdigest
    Photo from @archdigest

    Arch Digest. This is not the Arch Digest of the 80s. They have updated their point of view, while using the same strong high value imagery they’ve always been known for. Some of it is over the top, which has a certain entertainment value too. Look here for interior inspiration for color and form, if not the specifics of sone Swarovski light fixture.

    David Stewart
    David Stewart
    David is the founder and face of AGEIST. He is an expert on, and a passionate champion of the emerging global over-50 lifestyle. A dynamic speaker, he is available for panels, keynotes and informational talks at david@agei.st.

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