Bathing Experiences

    We love a good bath; it helps us sleep better and—let’s face it—there is a certain luxury to even the simplest of bath experiences. We tend to think candles and scented bath salts, but to really get into bath culture, you need to check out what’s happening in the Asia/Pacific countries where it continues to be a hot trend, accounting for an estimated $9.9 billion in sales in the next five years. (That’s a lot of tubs)

    These are not the simple white tubs we grew up with — these are fully tricked-out bathing experiences. With increased urbanization in the US and Western Europe a strong trend with our age group, and the accompanying city building boom, expect to see more available options in your urban bathing future. Maybe you would like a wall mounted LCD screen to watch a calming forest scene, or maybe an indoor wooden soaking tub, or perhaps one with advanced hydrotherapy options and in-tub LED mood lighting? It’s all on the menu.

    Thanks to our trend-finding friend TheOpinionator for contributing to this piece.


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