Revance Mylan Botox Competitor

botox gets a competitor

We don’t take a position on cosmetic procedures. Some people use them, some don’t. Whatever you like is fine with us. Botox is by far and away the most popular cosmetic treatment, generating $3.17B in revenue last year, or 30% of the profits for Allergan, its maker. It’s expensive, but now there is a new group of competitor products that may shake up the market. Silicon Valley’s Revance is teaming up with generic drug maker Mylan in developing a bio-similar product. There are other similarly-functioning products out there already—Dysport and Xeomin—but no one until now has been able to produce a bio-similar one, which is where real competition will enter the marketplace.  The idea of a generic drug maker getting into the highly profitable Botox market is bound to have an effect on pricing, and also availability. Allergan, for their part, is not concerned, saying: “We have only reached 10 percent of potential customers.”

David Stewart
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