San Francisco’s Joss Collective Founder Regina Connell

Member's club The Joss Collective is empowering creative grown-ups

How old are you?

I am 57.

What is The Joss?

The Joss Collective is a roving members club for seasoned, creative grown-ups (mostly, but not exclusively, 45 +) who are looking to discover what’s next for them and create legacies they can be proud of. We think of legacy as not just money or your kids or something that happens after you die but what you’re doing in the here and now and the way it affects generations to come. 

Empowering Creative Grown-Ups

What would you say your mission is?

To help people to create lasting good in the world by feeling inspired, empowered, and supported in a myriad of ways. 

Why did you start The Joss?

I started The Joss because I kept hearing from my 45+ friends, “Where is my tribe?” and “When did we become irrelevant?” This may be a uniquely San Francisco thing where ageism in tech runs rampant, but I kinda doubt it. I also saw that independent-minded, creative people of our age had an opportunity — actually a NEED — to redefine this stage of life on their terms from a position of power and confidence. All that, and to have a helluva lot of fun together while doing it. 

What did you do previously? 

Lots of things but mostly strategic brand consulting and experience design (before it even became trendy to talk about)! 

Who belongs to The Joss?

Thoughtful, smart, and badass creatives writ large…largely leaders from the worlds of design, investment, and social enterprise/investment sector. 

Pleasure, Purpose, Networking

What sort of activities does the Joss do?

Monthly events (usually combining pleasure and purpose, everything from rum tasting with Thad Vogler with the Museum of the African Diaspora to an evening with Chip Conley and a visit to a private fragrance museum); cohorts for those in similar roles or with shared callings and passion projects (e.g. writing, entrepreneurship, pivots); and advisory (facilitated networking and dot-connecting). And because we know life is too short to learn Photoshop and HTML (unless you really really WANT to) we also have a Talent Network to help people quickly access the talent they need (things like social media, photography, executive coaching, digital, etc.) 

How does one join The Joss?

By application! We look for smart, accomplished, eclectic, optimistic, generous folks who are building legacy or interested in it, and who have something they’re up for sharing with their fellow members. https://www.thejosscollective.com/apply


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