The Happy Hour Show: Episode 7 | Jonathan Mildenhallt

Episode 7 of the Happy Hour show featured special guest Jonathan Mildenhall, the twenty first century brand builder who effortlessly taps into the soul of a brand to create pop culture and a community of followers. What a show! David is back in LA, wearing a glittery Unicorn Legend thinking cap and Chip is still hanging in Baja refining MEA in anticipation of the re-opening.

Here’s a few of Jonathan’s Jewels from this episode…

1. His career journey closely reflects social change: in the 90’s as a pioneer marketing to minorities beyond athletes, in the 2000’s reframing how to market to the ‘modern girl’ by aligning campaigns to programming and content and more recently how to effectively market up and down the age column – most relevant to him now, 50+.

2. Great observation made by David – “the problem is, people who are creating the ads are not the actual intended audience, it’s weird.”

3. If you want to move your soul, listen to Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. Whitney can take a story and own it in an exquisite way.

4. Becoming the best interviewer at an organization, starts with a warm hug!

5. We’ve come a long way baby…just 50 years ago it was illegal to be gay in the UK and inter racial relationships in the U.S. were prohibited. It’s possible there will be several female U.S. presidents in the next 50.

We’ll be back again Thursday, July 23rd at 5:00pm PT with our next special guest. In the meantime, here are some teasers to see if you can guess who she is:

1. She is a trash-talking, funny-as-hell storyteller, book author and podcaster.

2. She was the Chief Marketing Officer for Harley Davidson and now the Chief Corporate Rebel and Liberator of Souls for her own company.

3. She believes in celebrating us as Human Beings, not Human Doings and, to that end, she wrote a book celebrating sabbaticals called “Soulbbatical.”

Please join us Thursday, July 23rd at 5:00pm PT. If you have any feedback to our programming or any questions, please reach out by responding to this email. See you next week!


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