Gene Therapy and Significant Healthspan Extension

Gene Therapy and Significant Healthspan Extension

Medium shares an interesting article, “Even Death May Die,” that touches on some topics we are highly interested in: the aging process, gene therapy advancements, and extending healthspan. The aging process involves the deterioration of our DNA as our cells divide. However, there are new scientific discoveries that seem to show that gene therapy in mice produced a substance that prevented the deterioration of our DNA. As the article explains, “The mice that were given this treatment as adults turned out to live half as long as usual, while mice that were given the treatment in utero lived twice as long — and could theoretically pass this ability on to their offspring.” 

There was also a study years ago that showed that taking the blood of young mice and injecting it into older mice “rejuvenated” the old mice. In fact, their “muscles and heart grew stronger, and its cognition seemed to improve.” 

There is still much to understand about blood transfer for improved longevity, however, it seems that over the next decade there will be even more scientific advancements to not only extend your life when you’re old, but extend your youth. 

Article: https://medium.com/@klaus.ae.mogensen/even-death-may-die-70e4158a1a6a