AGEIST Content

AGEIST offer a range of content creation, production and syndication services championing our people. Rooted in our deep strategic understanding of the 50+ boomer market we help brands generate a brand content that deeply connects with the heart of this emergent consumer base. Our services include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Long- and short-form moving image
  • Written word, editorial and photography
  • Social media content development
  • Hyper-targeted placement and syndication though our network of media partners

Some of the brands we have worked with to help them reach the 50+ boomer market:

50+ boomer marketing for major brands.
Some of the brands we have worked with to help them reach the boomer market

AGEIST Casting

It can be difficult for brands to source the kinds of personalities we feature on AGEIST. This is something we do every day for our own editorial and for some of the world’s largest companies. Our people are authentic, camera friendly and come with great stories. We can help locate this sort amazing talent for campaigns, research, films and other brand promotional efforts.

AGEIST Research

AGEIST can conduct bespoke research projects to add analysis, insight and strategic direction to a range of issues and challenges facing businesses looking to better connect to the 50+ boomer market. Research can be conducted in or outside of AGEIST’s leading-edge network of respondents. Research programs are specially constructed to address specific challenges and budget, but services include:

  • Digital and in-person ethnographies
  • Focus groups (either in facility or specially constructed environments)
  • Leading-edge and mass-market research panels
  • Casting call analysis
  • Mixed qualitative and quantitative research programs
  • White papers

Brand Partner Opportunities

  • Event design and production targeting the AGEIST consumer
  • Ad placement on our digital properties including newsletter, site and social
  • Wrap around ROS sponsorships
  • Thought leadership talks

The AGEIST Strategic Briefing

Built from our ongoing research program and proprietary driver-based behavior framework, the AGEIST Strategic Briefing explores emergent trends, attitudes and behaviors from the 50+ boomer market and answers to 50+ boomer marketing questions. The result of many-hundred hours of interviews and in-home ethnographies with our network, the briefing (which can be delivered as either a half or full day session), helps business leaders, product teams and marketing organizations understand how to authentically connect with and stay ahead of the needs and values of this vital and influential demo.

AGEIST also own a substantial image bank of modern 50+ boomers breaking stereotypes (some of which can be seen on this site). Please contact us with your specific needs.