Alex von Bidder, 69: The Man Behind The Four Seasons

Yoga, meditation, and staying balanced while feeding billionaires.

This week we are launching our podcast with a fascinating contradiction. Alex is a long-time yoga and meditation practitioner. He also happens to have run one of the most famous restaurants in all the world: The Four Seasons in New York. He has stories of being bribed with stacks of cash, of the time Jackie O came for lunch and they didn’t have a table, of how one keeps one’s head in a hurricane of chaos. Then there was the vision quest in the desert…
What do yoga, meditation, and feeding billionaires have in common? Let’s find out.

“Laugh when you fall”
40th Wedding Anniversary
Hiking with my men’s group during the “Inner King” training
Vision Quest in New Mexico
Reveling in the support of great clients. Vanity Fair’s spread on the restaurant’s 50th anniversary.
Giggling with His Holiness


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