Teresa Boyd, 56: Zest for Life

A natural adventurer and athlete, Teresa Boyd has crafted a life for herself that engages her zest for living. Her production company, “the best gift I ever wished upon my life,” immerses her in cultures across the globe while her approach to health keeps her energy high as she continues to follow her curiosity and push boundaries.

Energetic, vivacious, and endlessly positive, Teresa is getting the most out of every moment. If we had to pick a role model for how to Super Age, she would be it. Constantly pushing forward, fearlessly enlarging the boundaries of what she can do, she is unstoppable. The key for her is to keep moving, always exploring, and keep learning. But it is a passion for physical activity that is the base of her wellness, boundless energy and openness to the world around her. This daily engagement with her body, along with eating a mostly plant-based diet, is what powers her vividly engaged style of living. Seems like a pretty good life plan to us.

This business owner, this widely traveled soul, is living a life fueled by curiosity and a sense of “what can be” rather than worried about “what can’t be.” Let’s Just Do It, seems like a good motto for her. She works in a fast-paced business, constantly changing and demanding, but she always finds the time to take care of herself, balancing work with her love of country living, her garden, and her awesome dog  Johnny Cash. 

“Get out of your comfort zone — that is when change and growth happens”

You have said “the biggest risk in life is not risking anything, let fear be your biggest inspiration.” Love that. Tell us more, please. Is it the fear of regretting not doing something?
It is pushing all boundaries on every level. Live every moment as if it is your last. Do it all, don’t hesitate or second guess…What do you have to lose? Get out of your comfort zone — that is when change and growth happens. Take every chance you have in life but recognizing that this is the first step, and that it gets easier once you adopt this mentality.

It’s not easy being inspired by fear. It takes failing down, getting back up and not being deterred. I was terrified when I started my first business and left the comfort of being secure due to someone else’s risk. I thought of the worst thing that could possibly happen and prepared myself to navigate through that. Once you start having successes, it builds your confidence and consequently you have less fear and are motivated to take a bigger step.

You spent 20 years in NYC and 10 years in Los Angeles. You are now living in the country. Why did you make the change? What is it like?
I made the change due to Covid and social distancing, but will always have my New York place. I could not be in NY this last year, so I left for my house mid-March. I have had the country house for 20 years and always spend time year-round there. But, I will always have a place in NY because I crave the culture, energy, people and the plethora of things that there are to do. Being at my house more since the pandemic began, I have a grow bot and started growing my own food. The grow bot is solar-powered, self-feeding and watering, hydroponics garden for indoors and outdoors. So that has been a very welcome change the last several months and will continue to expand my garden. Plus, my dog Johnny Cash is extremely happy here.

“I started my company in 2007…It is the best gift I ever wished upon my life”

What is your company, and what does it do?
5 Points Production. I started my company in 2007 and we produce film, print, and fashion campaigns globally. It is the best gift I ever wished upon my  life. We are traveling the world and shooting in the most spectacular places in the world — Iceland, Morocco, France, the UK, the islands…the best locations in the world. I’m an adventurer. I have a great “need to know” and research all these places, and learned so much about different cultures, language, food, and the isms of being out of a comfort zone. What I crave is to be constantly stimulated. This is a perfect career for me.

Any good stories about travel-work that you can share?
Everyone should travel. I have been blessed to work with clients that are like minded. A couple of my favorites are shooting in the souks of Marrakech and on a glacier in Iceland. These just propel you into appreciating what the world has to offer. I have produced all over the world and been to the most beautiful places… what a gift and how lucky I am to be able to do so. I never take anything for granted. I’m always in awe of how fortunate I am to be able to do so — loving what you do, and doing what you love is a true gift.   

The fashion world is often associated with younger people. What do you get to learn from the younger people on set?
I was their age once, so I always keep that in mind. You treat people the way you expect to be treated, so I always really respect what they have to say. Younger people tend to be more tech, which is wonderful. I can always ask them about what is the latest way they are using some app, or social platform. They are also super hooked into popular culture. They keep me up to date and on my game when it comes to what is of the moment.

How has your business been affected by Covid? Are you still able to produce shoots?
Yes, fortunately… but on a level of stress that I haven’t experienced since i started my company. To be responsible for 50 or more people and their safety and wondering if … just “one” person falls ill on my watch. It is a stress I would not wish upon anyone.  We take every precaution, there is no other option. This year, I even traveled a crew to New Orleans to do a shoot and that was intense. But in all of my shoots in 2020, we never had a case on my set nor have we been shut down, so I am eternally grateful for that.

Tennis, Swimming, Biking, Pilates …

What do you do to stay so fit?
I love tennis and started playing with my twin brother at 12 years old, so that is sport number one. I must admit doing the same exercise every day bores the hell out of me, except for tennis. I have always been a swimmer, biker, hiker and done yoga… but I had to stop yoga and moved to Pilates as it is much easier on the body, with fewer injuries.

Why do you Pilates?
It is much easier on the body. With yoga, which I love, I overstretched and it threw my back and shoulders out. Pilates is slower and more concentrated on the core, with a more concentrated focus on all parts of the body. If your core is strong, it alleviates pressure on the back and my posture has improved dramatically.

You have mentioned Georgia O’Keefe. What is it about her that inspires you?
Everything, unequivocally. She is the epitome of a strong woman. She was self made, an independent spirit and a female role model for many women with a style that was completely timeless.

“Live smart, because if you sit and settle you will quickly age; so I like to keep moving”

How do you view aging, as in how do you see yourself at 80 or 90?
Simply playing tennis and swimming in the ocean. You are as old as you are, but I prefer to say, I am forever young. Live smart, because if you sit and settle you will quickly age; so I like to keep moving. I insist on staying in shape as that will enable me to do all of the things I love for as long as I possibly can.

What is it about India that attracts you?
The people. You have a culture in which a great deal of them live in poverty — they have nothing. I find their happiness under those circumstances remarkable and inspiring. The kids were so joyful in the streets playing. I found this one kid who spoke fluent English… and asked if i could pay him to take me around Delhi. I truly wanted to adopt him and bring him to the States, he was so inspiring. I met a couple of travelers with whom we took a hike up into the hills of Rishikesh (it’s where the Beatles hung out with the Maharishi in the ’60s) and came upon a huge cave where a group of saddhus (religious holy men) were living in a cave. They invited us to see inside and made us tea from a stream that was running through a huge hole in a rock. The head saddhu was dressed a little differently, he was older and passed a marijuana pipe around for us to smoke.  

Dating and Love

You are single now. Are you looking for someone?
Of course, but dating during Covid is not the most desirable thing. So for those reading, I’m available! If interested, please reach out! Ha!

What sort of person are you looking for?
I am inspired by people and how I connect with them… I’ve connected and dated women and men, it’s more about the person.

How does one go about that in the new all-digital dating landscape?
Well, it’s all on social, which I am not great at. The social media phenomenon is… well, I  just hope we can get back to face-to-face at some point. Talking as opposed to texting, you know? There is so much to be revealed in the sound of someone’s voice, the intonation, the laugh, the pregnant pauses. Those will never translate online. Conversation is a lost art.

We hear you are looking to begin meditating.
I am just embarking on it and based on all of my research and understanding, it should be taught in schools. I am fascinated by it and it is certainly getting easier the more I do it.

Plant-Based Diet

Your skin looks amazing. What are you eating?
I thrive on fresh foods, fruits and veggies, preferring fish and protein from nuts and legumes, but splurge every once in awhile on meat. I was vegetarian for 4 years and I found I needed to incorporate a bit of meat in very small doses. Overall, I feel so much better when I eat clean. I also am a huge advocate of lemon water in the morning and apple cider vinegar. I also incorporate diatomaceous earth.  

What is diatomaceous earth? That sounds like dirt. You eat it?
Food grade diatomaceous earth is a unique type of sand that consists of fossilized algae and contains almost 85% silica. It does taste like dirt but the benefits far outweigh the taste. It improves bone & heart health, skin, hair, nails as well as provides the body with trace minerals.

Tell us about the mushroom tea sort of mud water that you drink.
The Chaga powder I use in tea is packed with antioxidants, improves immunity, and helps with inflammation. The downside is that it truly tastes like mud. An acquired taste, and not nearly as nice as the green tea I enjoy in the mornings.

What makes you laugh?
People with a smart, witty sense of humor. I love to make people laugh and truly love it when others do the same for me. You know, the sort who know how to do a fun banter, those are the sort of people I love hanging out with.

You travel a lot for your work. Best travel tip?
Pack light! The best tip is to always have a bikini and sarong. I tend to add some extra time and tour around wherever I am shooting if I have the time. And with a bikini, well, you never know when that may come in handy.


Most recent Netflix show/movies? 
The Queen’s Gambit! I have started playing chess again; it’s a great exercise for the brain.  And I love documentaries, everything by Errol Morris.

Favorite podcasts?
The Prof G Show – Scott Galloway & Recode Decode with Kara Swisher.

Favorite beauty/skin/hair product?
Jiva-Apoha oils. It is for the face and body, a wellness clean-green beauty brand.

Contact Teresa here: http://www.5pointsprod.com; Instagram @tboyd5points; teresa@5pointsprod.com

Main image of Teresa by Samantha Rapp for the wonderful book I Am Beauty by Riku Campo.



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