Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of natural, oil-based beauty. Rather than obsessing over fewer lines and wrinkles, Kari Gran is dedicated to giving our skin the nourishment it needs so we look (and feel) good.

This 2-week trial kit is packed with oil-based products abundant in antioxidants and omega fatty acids that nourish and hydrate skin while helping to support skin’s overall health. And don’t forget the lips — the kit includes the popular Peppermint Tinted Lip Whip. Comes wrapped in a beautiful makeup bag and bow.

The road to a longer, healthier life starts inside. And that’s what InsideTracker is all about. Founded by leading scientists in aging, genetics, and biometric data, InsideTracker is an ultra-personalized performance platform like no other.

InsideTracker products have helped thousands of people improve their lives by improving their bodies from the inside out, using personalized recommendations for nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle. And for a limited time, Ageist readers get 25% off the entire InsideTracker store when you sign up!

Debra Navarro is best known for her organically modern fine jewelry. Instantly identifiable by an unrestrained, yet sophisticated, aesthetic influenced by her Texas roots, and the East African mining communities where she sources her colored gemstones. Designed with gratitude and purpose, every item from the Debra Navarro jewelry collection is passionately crafted into a singular, wearable work of art that represents giving back, empowerment, and encouragement for every person to chase their dreams with polish and grit.

This holiday give a gift that everyone wants – give an experience to everyone on your list. A live, virtual, world-travel experience from DISCOVER LIVE. Give Rome, Paris, Florence, Venice or a hidden gem like Nice, Lima, Budapest or Buenos Aires. Our 60-minute tours are private, personalized, and delivered by one of our certified, local tour guides. Your gift will provide memories that last a lifetime, not 100 washings. https://www.discover.live/ or contact us for more information hello@discover.live

Cofo Provisions Marine Collagen is sustainably sourced from 100% Alaskan wild pollock. Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein but, as we age, our body starts producing less collagen leading to joint pain and dull, dry skin. Supplementing with marine collagen may help restore and support bones, joints, muscles and skin health. Cofo Provisions uses only the highest quality marine collagen from MSC-approved fisheries and organic ingredients to ensure a natural, more sustainable source of bioavailable collagen. #beoutsidefeelgoodinside. Check Cofo Provisions out on Instagram.

The holidays and end of the year can be stressful; give the gift of BrainTap. BrainTap strengthens and trains your brain for more energy, improved focus, better sleep, easier meditation, and a lot less stress. It’s a subscription-based app containing hundreds of unique sessions that stimulate inherent neuroplasticity and parasympathetic balance in the brain. Braintapping sessions can be accessed with any headphones but the experience is enhanced by using BrainTap’s proprietary headset which engages full-spectrum brainwave activity.

Warm the heart and hands of the one you love with a gift of Klōsknits, a stylish yet sporty merino wool and graphene hand warmer. On the slopes or on a hike, wear alone or under gloves. Developed by a doctor whose son has Raynaud’s syndrome, they will keep your hands warm by keeping your arteries warm...

Icebreaker creates timeless, sustainable clothing that is guided by nature and purpose. They make multi-functional pieces that adapt to your life and style, on the mountain, in the city, and at home. Their roots in the land of the merino sheep drives them to continue to lead, innovate and create from what nature provides. From t-shirts to sweaters to scarves to outerwear, Icebreaker.

Scents of Wood is a fragrance brand for fragrance lovers. Inspired by the magic of forests and trees and barrel-aged in a variety of woods, Scents of Wood fragrances are the perfect gift. Their new subscription contains three scents and every scent will come in three forms: as a fragrance, as a candle and as incense. Three times the fun!

This remarkable book brings you face-to-face with an incredible selection of pioneering women who have reshaped the creative industries. From legendary visual artists Yoko Ono and Tracey Emin, to groundbreaking musicians like Annie Lennox and Debbie Harry, to fashion giants such as Miuccia Prada and Diane von Fürstenberg, this collection of original interviews and Polaroid photographs of almost 30 trailblazing women spans creative industries, nationalities and generations to bring together a never-before-published collection of leading voices.

Smarter and more comprehensive than ever, the Oura Ring Gen3 provides 24/7 health tracking with daytime heart rate monitoring, improved temperature system, period prediction, guided and educational content, plus a new, state-of-the-art sleep staging algorithm, workout heart rate monitoring, and blood oxygen (SpO2) sensing coming soon. Oura is pairing the new Gen3 product with a monthly membership of $5.99/month and a 6-month free trial.

As a society we suffer from nature deficit disorder, but studies have shown that spending mindful, intentional time around trees—what the Japanese call shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing—can promote health and happiness.

In this beautiful book—featuring more than 100 color photographs from forests around the world, including the forest therapy trails that criss-cross Japan—Dr. Qing Li, the world’s foremost expert in forest medicine, shows how forest bathing can reduce your stress levels and blood pressure, strengthen your immune and cardiovascular systems, boost your energy, mood, creativity, and concentration, and even help you lose weight and live longer.