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    Men’s Fashion Solution: The Humble Crew Neck

    The right crew neck can look casual, stylish and ready for travel all at once.

    As the warmth of summer starts to arrive and we find ourselves playing out the waning days of a global obsession with athleisure, the question of what to wear comes up. As we await the return of the sharp dressing trend, the wearing of suits and pressed shirts is still frowned upon in a number of circles. We recently learned that wearing a suit and tie to Soho House is forbidden as it may frighten the other guests. Should you find yourself in such fragile company, the question arises: What should one wear?

    Classic Favorite

    We have championed the Hanes white crew neck in the past, and it is still one of our go-to classic favorites. The price is a value shopper’s dream, and it’s a favorite of JFK and Steve McQueen, two of our style north stars. The sexy beast look, if one has the body for it, is always a good look. Worn under a denim shirt, (Levi’s makes a nice one) it’s a classic.

    Put Away the Polo

    But Saturday afternoon yard-work style is not always the way to go. What are some of the options? There is the IZOD-style polo. The problem is, looking at recent unfortunate news events, this formerly stylish option is now associated with some very bad behavior. Sorry, Lacoste but your shirt is off our menu for the time being.

    Fine Crew Neck

    How about finer crew neck options? Our favorite this season is by Aether. At $60, it looks much pricier. The fabric and cut fit us well. Untucked, it has a way of gently disguising a slight belly. We like the dark blue option. Of course, if you really feel the need to empty the weight of your wallet, Mr. Tom Ford is here and more than willing to help. He makes what is probably the most perfect crew neck shirt ever designed, should that be your jam. For us, spending that kind of cash seems somewhere between frivolous and a moneyed coverup for style insecurity.

    True Travel Style

    Since we travel frequently, airplane attire is a big part of our world. Note: stay far away from anyone trying to sell you “travel style”: nylon zip-off pants, special travel shirts, etc. It’s bunk and the mark of someone who doesn’t actually travel often. A simple crew neck long-sleeve lightweight top in wool or cotton looks great in all occasions and doesn’t scream clueless tourist to the locals. We like this one here in cotton and then this one in lightweight wool.

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    David Stewart
    David Stewart
    David is the founder and face of AGEIST. He is an expert on, and a passionate champion of the emerging global over-50 lifestyle. A dynamic speaker, he is available for panels, keynotes and informational talks at david@agei.st.

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