Change Your Life by Changing Your Brain: Dr. Patrick Porter, PhD: Neuroscience Expert and Founder of BrainTap®

Why do we feel good in the mountains, looking at a fireplace, or by the ocean? It is not the pretty landscapes; it has to do with their vibration frequencies.  Neuroscience has now figured out how to use sound and light to produce the same brain effects to bring people to deep states of relaxation and inspiration.

Dr. Patrick Porter is a brain researcher, author, speaker, and founder of BrainTap. He, along with his team, are passionate about re-programming and optimizing our brains. He joins us on the SuperAge podcast to discuss how light, sound, and vibrations impact our brain function and overall state of being, why sleep continues to be so crucial for better health, the specific brain frequencies and why we need time in all of them, and more. 

What you will learn in this episode:
-The role of specific brain frequencies (example: beta, alpha, delta, theta)
-How to re-program your brain to perform better
-The brain’s role in sleep and sleep’s role in brain function
-Why people are drawn to places like the ocean, the mountains, or fires
-How BrainTap can help you relax, focus, or create

“If you’re not getting deep, level 4 sleep, I don’t care if you’re in bed for 10 hours. You’re not going feel good, you’re going to be tired, you’re going to have brain fog, because your brain is full of junk, it hasn’t cleansed itself.” 

“A creative mindset is more energizing than a problem-solving mindset.”

“We’re supposed to be taking a nap next to the zebra and the gazelle but instead, most Americans will go out and get coffee, tea, or chocolate and stimulate instead of use their electrical system and take a nap.” 

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