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    Don’t Let Life Happen to You

    Own it. Do it.

    I had a wonderful conversation this week with Leona West Fox, functional nutritionist, on Catherine O’s pod cast.  One of the things she said was “Don’t let food happen to you” as in take charge, take responsibility for what you eat. Let’s expand it to “Don’t let life happen to you” as in live purposely, live your truth and live with intention. Living the way we at AGEIST do requires a decision to take responsibility for who you are, where you are, and if you are not happy with it, to change it. We provide a new frame for seeing people our age; we provide examples of possibilities and of actionable steps people take. These are doors that you can choose to go through or not. It’s up to you. No one can make you.

    Some people believe they can think themselves into right acting, and maybe they can. I find it’s better to act myself into right thinking. Actions, not thoughts, are what impact my world, and if I want to live with intention, I need lots of actions. Small actions count. Just do it, as they say. Remember the 3 Ps: perfection leads to procrastination which leads to paralysis.

    Start Small

    My suggestion is to think of a couple of easily achievable steps, maybe walk 5000 steps a day, maybe open an Instagram account, maybe eat sugar only a few times a week or whatever you think would best advance your goals. Each action you take moving forward will change your thinking, just a bit, but it will change. This is a whole lot easier and more satisfying if you have a coach or partner or a community or group to help you. Sharing your experience, your wins and your failures, helps you and helps the people you share it with.

    The letters all of you send me, even the hate mail, is probably my favorite part of founding AGEIST. Your struggles, your wins, the effort you make to connect, all these enrich my life tremendously. Your actions have an impact, on the people around you, and on us here at AGEIST.


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