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    School of Long Life: “How Would You Make a Big Life Decision?”

    Members of the AGEIST tribe share their wisdom and advice on how to make a big life decision.

    Since we have some amazing, wise, experienced members, we thought we would ask a question, then publish the answers.

    “How would you make a big life decision?”

    Slowly. I wasn’t always like this, but at this time in my life — I am 56 — I am more
    risk averse because the recovery time can have detrimental effects on the big picture. My process is balancing heart and head. I start my decision process with my heart to
    gather my hopes and dreams so that I am thinking big enough. Phase two is using my
    logic and intellect for the final decision.
    Thank you for all you do.
    Linda C.

    I am a 58-year-old woman who very intentionally quit a wonderful career to roam the world for a year in search of what’s next. I am six months into this amazing journey! The advice I would give someone is threefold:
    1) Get quiet. Listen to that inner voice.
    2) Start to notice the feelings of joy you experience throughout the day so you will be better able to hear and feel the answer.
    3) Journal. Ask yourself a question first thing in the morning and set aside 20 minutes of free flow writing. This is based on The Artist’s Way, and it’s a powerful practice!
    And then I’d give them a big hug and tell them I’m excited they’re ready…!!
    Thanks for asking the question. I look forward to reading the other answers!

    I would consult with my wife.

    Ask my wife, ask my best friend, ask my children, and then take it all in and see what resonates with me.
    Bruce S.

    There is only one way I make big life decisions: follow my instincts. I believe infinite intelligence is always providing us with the answers we seek. People seem to complicate things by overthinking or using other tactics to avoid a decision they know deep down is the right one, but that also makes them uncomfortable.
    Jasen E.

    I would see if I can break it down & try a small piece of it to see if it sheds some light on what to do.
    Nat Y.


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