Update: Teresa Thornber-Mann, 61

Teresa Thornber-Mann was an inspiration when we profiled her a year ago, having reclaimed a lifelong passion. That passion continues to grow her life.

We profiled Teresa a year ago here. “You hit a certain age and you suddenly have to reassess — and you have to reassess everything, because if you don’t, life makes you, the universe makes you.” It seems that the reassessing has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for Teresa. Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to show us who we really are and what we are capable of. When we profile people, and especially when we photograph them, we show people how we see them: strong, dignified, at the peak of their power. In the case of Teresa, having that visual confirmation was all she needed to move to the next level.

Teresa Thornber-Mann, from her original AGEIST photo session.
Hi David,

Since we met in London, things have moved into high gear. 

I have performed lots more and my latest was last month at Tate Modern Exchange with a fellow professional at an Age UK event. We are also collaborating artistically on a new ballet idea of mine about war, to music by Sir Karl Jenkins. This is taking a while to produce as we need funding for it.

Professionally, your interview and photos have given me the courage to get onto various modeling websites, and I have been engaged in shoots for Photobox and Carlauren Resorts, and I was engaged on a photo shoot as a tango dance partner for Adam Garcia last week. 

Last year, to my great surprise, I was engaged as the older dancer in the Gap Christmas commercial and worked for a week with director Emil Nava and ten other young dancers in all different styles. This was an amazing gig! Maybe now is the time to think about getting an agent?

I also do lots of stand-in work for films and TV and appeared as Gemma’s mother in the Universal Pictures TV remake of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

AGEIST is a great witness to older people’s lives and an enormous energetic force for our good.

Wishing you love, light and laughter,

Keep inspiring…

Teresa Thornber-Mann
Teresa Thornber-Mann


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