The Tree Hotel: Our Current Fantasy

We are dreaming of the stunning forest views from these minimal-nature-luxe tree rooms in Lapland, Finland.

We are homebound, but we can still dream. Our fantasy right now is the Tree Hotel in Swedish Lapland. The fantasy starts to get really specific when I look at these beautiful tree rooms perched way up (4-10 meters) in the branches. You can sauna suspended in the high pines, too.

Virgin Forest

Located in a virgin forest, near the village of Harads (population of only 600), the experience is about a minimal footprint, a complete immersion in nature, and the best of minimal-nature-luxe Swedish design. Everything has been thought through by its makers, the Norwegian brand Snøhetta.

Nature-Luxe Swedish Design

I would say yes to any of the tree houses on offer here but, from the site, these are my favorites (in addition to the sauna), including how the site itself talks about them.

The MirrorCube ©treehotel.se

The Mirrorcube: “The Mirrorcube is an exciting hideout among the trees, camouflaged by mirrored walls reflecting their surroundings.”

The 7th room: “As you near the seventh room from below and look up at the sky, the entire underside of the building is covered by a life-size photograph of the treetops as they looked before the room was put in place.”

The 7th room ©treehotel.se

The Cabin: “The Cabin is one of our most romantic rooms. This double room is shaped like a capsule, on view amongst the trees as you walk up the trail from our main building. Its location has been chosen so as to create a platform at the top of a steep slope overlooking the Lule River valley.”


The Northern pantry ©treehotel.se

The Way of the Sámi

Located in the region of Lapland’s native Sámi people, the hotel offers a way for you to participate in their way of life. You can go on reindeer safaris, dog sled, fish in the icy waters, and hunt for the Northern Lights. You can also stay put and enjoy all kinds of local Swedish delicacies, from wild game to hand-picked berries.

World, we love you.


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Patricia Garcia-Gomez
Patricia Garcia-Gomez is a writer and artist working with visual media and sound. She is the editor of Travel by Ageist and a contributor to the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and The Private Journal (Europe). Her work is also part of the permanent archives of the Tate Modern, the Museum of Arts & Design in New York, the Buhl Collection, and The Harwood Museum in New Mexico.


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