Home Your Home With Paz: Bring the Warmth of Oaxaca to You

Paz candles are just what we need to create a more peaceful environment.

To travel, we need not go somewhere with our body. We can go there with our senses, with words, with a sound or song, and, of course, with an image. We can go there with a smell, a flavor, or a story recounted from a friend.

We can also go there with the love of a beautifully made object that holds a piece of history in its design. This is the spirit behind Paz Home candles. 100% beeswax, natural dyed and hand dipped in Oaxaca, Mexico.

A Symbol of Celebrations to Come

We’d like to put Paz candles in every room of our home and send them to friends we are thinking about as a symbol of celebrations to come and long dinner tables to be set and the enduring joy of simple beauty.

One of my favorite villages in Oaxaca is Teotitlán del Valle, known for its natural dyes, textile masters and candle makers. This is where Paz Home works with master artisans, continuing a tradition of candle-making that has been passed down for more than four generations.

A Slower Burn and More Beautiful Flame

Because Paz candles are made from 100% beeswax, they burn more slowly and produce a more beautiful flame. The natural dyes, used for centuries in Teotitlán del Valle, are made from natural materials like plants, fruits and insects. For instance, the cochineal, an insect that lives on nopal (prickly pear cacti), produces the vibrant red color that goes into their pink and wine candles. Paz blues are made from indigo.

The cochineal, an insect that lives on nopal (prickly pear cacti), produces the vibrant red color in Paz candles ©patriciagarciagomez

Be Part of Keeping Spirits High

The Paz Home team is currently in Mexico starting a face-shield project to support public hospital doctors and nurses, specifically in Mexico City and Oaxaca. A percentage of every purchase will go to making this a big success and keeping spirits healthy.

The Intel

Where to buy: pazhome.com

Special shipping: We spoke to Paz Home and they are open! They are taking orders for the most recent batch created before the world slowed down. They work with only the best shipping agents, which happen to be their parents, who are in quarantine in NYC (we hope for not very much longer). As soon as possible, your special packages will be on their way — they will send you a message. Quantities limited.


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Patricia Garcia-Gomez
Patricia Garcia-Gomez is a writer and artist working with visual media and sound. She is the editor of Travel by Ageist and a contributor to the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and The Private Journal (Europe). Her work is also part of the permanent archives of the Tate Modern, the Museum of Arts & Design in New York, the Buhl Collection, and The Harwood Museum in New Mexico.


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