The Colosseum

Adding to yet another reason to visit the eternal city, a new level is open at its best known landmark. For the first summer in 40 years, the top floor of the Colosseum is open. Thanks to a renovation effort funded by Tod’s, you can get a high-level view of the world’s most famous amphitheater. At 130 feet above the pit, tourists now have access to spectacular views not only of the arena below but the city outside, including the Forum, Arch of Constantine, and Palatine Hill in the distance.

You will want to get there early, as the peak season lines for entrance can get long, and standing in the mid-day Roman sun can be an endurance feat. To access the top, request it when you purchase your ticket. The extra charge is a modest 9 Euros, on top of the 14 Euro admission.

Rome is one of the rare global cities seriously lacking in good hotels. Instead, have a look at ThePlumGuide for Rome, which has some great properties, like this one.

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