Bodyweight Strength Training for Runners from Mark Lauren

Improve your running technique with a simple bodyweight exercise program

With over 3 decades of training under my belt and many years as a trainer in the special operations community, I’ve discovered some simple tweaks to drastically improve running technique.

As you age, especially if you sit a lot, mobility and proper joint alignment is lost in three critical areas that affect how fast and efficiently you can run:

#1: Ankle mobility.

#2: Front-line mobility.

And #3: Upper cross syndrome.

To correct these issues, I’ve created a bodyweight exercise program specifically for runners who want to rapidly improve these 3 functions. The result is greater speed with less effort.

The complete workout is made up of the following:

  • 3 circuits, with 3 exercises per circuit. Each exercise improves one of the three key functions…
  • Improve your ankle mobility for better foot strike and more efficient force absorption
  • Increase flexibility mid-thigh to mid-torso to allow for more upright posture and a longer stride
  • Correct head positioning and spinal alignment for better arm-swing mechanics
  • Practice makes perfect. I’ll help you continually integrate your improved functions into faster-than-usual 3-minute runs.

Sound interesting? Try the workout to give it a try. All you need is a bit of floor space and about 15 minutes of time.

In this sample circuit (1 of 3), you’ll be doing Streamline Back Lunges, Squats with Arms at T, and Streamline RDLs, which improve all the above mentioned functions while strengthening and lengthening your entire backside, ankles to skull!


The constraining factor keeping you from better run times isn’t genetics, luck, or age — it’s practicing the right key functions in the right way. Strength training specifically for runners is precisely what you need to break through to new levels of speed. Increase your running speed and reduce your susceptibility to injury with Strength Training for Runners at Mark Lauren On Demand.

After honing his method training the most elite levels of U.S. Special Ops forces, Mark Lauren created the internationally bestselling book, YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM , which is considered the bible of bodyweight exercises. His popular online platform—MARK LAUREN ON DEMAND—offers a range of workouts that emphasize smart, gradual progression, finding the right entry point, and getting the basics right. 


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