Instagram Motivation Monday: Community in the Comments

We ran this lovely image by Bruce Weber from Italian Vogue of Vanessa Redgrave in a post about exercise.

@weareageist Vanessa Redgrave looking determined for Motivation Monday. Let’s get to it. We are stronger than we think. And we can become stronger in all ways. However only we can make the decision to do the work. It’s not hard, start moving and the rest is easy. Today outdoor cardio for us: run-walk-run-walk, and then a swim. Tell us what you do to start the week? Fitness? Breath work? Cardio? Yoga?

Resilience in the face of increasing stress is something that is top of mind everywhere. One part of being resilient is physical but more importantly, is having community support. A supportive community is indispensable. The more supportive understanding connections we can have, the more resilient we become. 

It makes us so happy when our readers interact and support each other. We are here for all of you, and when we can facilitate a connection between you, well, that just makes our day. Most of our communication is one-way out-going. Sometimes we get incoming, two-way communication. But the best is when readers start interacting with each other. That is a community, and we love it. There is strength there that is much more than only muscle mass. 

One of the differentiators for people our age is that we can be a bit shyer about interacting on social media than some of the younger people are. We get it. Social can be a weird place. But if we think of social media as being a place to support, contribute, and inspire others, well, that is a wonderful thing.

We all have experience to contribute. Even just giving a shout out and saying “You are awesome!” has a meaningful impact.

On Instagram, we are doing Motivation Mondays — it is the day that sets the tone for the week. If we can stay on our plan on Mondays, then the rest of the week will probably work out well. Even if you are having an off day physically on Monday, try to have a good walk, or a swim or maybe yoga. As one of our followers told us, use it or lose it, which goes for the resilience of connections as well as our physicalities. See you in the comments.


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