Manny, 52, From Manila

A reader shares the indoor fitness routine that has made him stronger and leaner — and his determination in spite of a health challenge.

What is your fitness routine? A few weeks ago we put up a post on Instagram asking people that question. We received a number of descriptions in the post; thank you, all. This one from Manny, 53, in Manila, deserves some special love for Manny’s dedication despite a health challenge, and for its details for what he does. 
Last March, I was able to undergo my bi-annual executive physical checkup. I weighed 81 kgs (178lbs) and diagnosed to be overweight based on Asian BMI metrics.
With the start of the pandemic, Manila experienced one of the longest lockdowns. At that time, I had a Wahoo Kickr Snap where I mounted my road bike, a Pinarello Paris on Shimano Ultegra Di2. After 2 months, luckily I was able to finally get my OpenUP.RTP w Shimano GRX and a Magene T300 direct-drive bike trainer. Being cooped up and working from home, I was able to convert my previous travel time to the office to more consistent workout schedules. Whereas before I could only do short outdoor weekend rides even w the indoor trainer, my routine progressed from 1, 2 to 3 weekly rides… from 30 minutes, to an hour to 2 hours each ride. I targeted to do 2000 kilometers by yearend but completed that 3 months in advance. I also now weigh 72 kgs (159 lbs).


I have a bad lower back and my lower right nervous system gone awry due to a second bout w shingles a few years ago. I experience constant numbness on my right leg 24×7 and I could easily get leg cramp due to this. But I won’t hold back riding because of these impairments. Hopefully with my newfound endurance, I will be able to do a metric century by my 54th birthday this December.

Bike metrics for power, heart, cadence, and speed are from sensors and are logged via a Wahoo Element Roam bike computer, paired to Strava and Training Peaks.

I am an architect-land planner by profession and am the Design Director for one of the largest real estate developers in Manila.




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