Food Review: Two On-the-Go Smoothie Brands That Are Making Healthy Eating Easier

Staying healthy while on the go is easy with these brands that deliver maximum nutrition in a virtually instant smoothie.

Healthy eating should not have to be compromised due to a busy schedule. Unfortunately, a lot of us probably feel like what we put into our bodies becomes an afterthought when work, family, and life get overwhelming. Luckily, there are new brands popping up every week whose mission it is to solve this problem. For the past three weeks, we have been testing out two smoothie brands that make maintaining a healthy diet easy, no matter your lifestyle. They are both great for on-the-go and both have high-quality ingredients that you can trust. Keep reading to find out what I love about both brands, and which I recommend depending on your lifestyle.

Tusol Wellness
Tusol Wellness

TUSOL Smoothie Powders

TUSOL and Evive are two brands that are making healthy eating easier. TUSOL makes smoothie powders that are full of plant-based protein, superfoods, and probiotics with most of their ingredients certified organic. For those days that you are on the go, you can simply mix the powder with almond milk, juice, or water. For days when you have a few extra minutes to prepare your meal, you can create your own custom smoothie by adding your favorite fruit and liquid of choice, ice, and blend it in a blender. My favorite flavor was the ENERGIZE smoothie which contained cacao and lion’s mane mushroom, making it a stress- and fatigue-reducing smoothie full of antioxidants. I blended the powder with a banana, almond milk, and ice and it made the perfect chocolate-y shake. It kept me full and energized throughout an intense kickboxing workout. I also enjoyed the BALANCE flavor which contains matcha and ashwagandha. I enjoyed this one because of the powerful vegetable ingredients, barley grass and wheatgrass. However, this one definitely tasted green… so if you are not fully acclimated to the taste of green powders and juices, maybe skip this flavor and try the chocolate or fruit flavors. I would recommend TUSOL to someone who is committed to maintaining their healthy lifestyle while traveling and on-the-go since all you need is your powder and a liquid to mix it with.

Evive Smoothie
Evive Smoothie

Evive Frozen Smoothie Cubes

Evive makes frozen, blender-free smoothie cubes that they recommend you melt in your liquid of choice and enjoy, no blender required. The flavors of Evive smoothies are delicious. Even when they are only mixed with water, they are perfectly sweet and satisfying. Like TUSOL, Evive’s ingredients are fantastic. For example, my favorite flavor “Sapphire” contains plant-based protein, fruit, cauliflower, spirulina, and a veggie blend. It was the perfect breakfast to hydrate my body and keep me feeling satisfied through the morning. The flavor is delicious however I would recommend throwing the cubes into a blender with your liquid of choice and blending rather than letting them melt into your liquid with no blending. This is purely for texture and I found that it made the end result smoother. I would recommend Evive to someone who wants to include more fruits and veggies in their diet without having to shop for smoothie ingredients and who has a freezer to store their product.

After testing TUSOL and Evive, I am very impressed and will be keeping my kitchen stocked with both. What health, beauty, or food brand would you like the AGEIST team to review next?



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Taylor Marks
Taylor Marks is a certified holistic health coach and current student at The Institute of Culinary Education studying health supportive culinary arts. Her passions include making nourishing food taste and look delicious and guiding others towards feeling their best.


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