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Shishito Peppers: Simple Pleasures

These shishito peppers, a go-to for me at my local sushi bar, couldn't be easier to make at home

Question:  Is it still a recipe, if there is only one ingredient?

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Okay, maybe three, but still…

Recipes are flying on social media. Even before the pandemic, people were sharing pics of their food on FB and IG. Today, in between my multiple Zoom calls and my twice daily yoga sessions, I received a chain mail “recipe challenge.” My first impulse was to ignore as I absolutely loathe chain mails (and the feelings of obligation and guilt which come with), but on deeper consideration, time on my hands, and great respect for the person who sent it (who actually fought an early wave of COVID-19), I challenged my resistance, and succumbed to the pressure. The hook, as it were, was to not think too much — and to come up with a recipe from memory. 

Who knew that this delightful appetizer, a go-to for me at my favorite local sushi bar, Shu Restaurant at 2932 1/2 Beverly Glen Circle, was so easy to make at home?

Yield  Serves two or three people, as an appetizer

Active time  15 min

Total time  15 min


  •     Shishito peppers (you can find them already in a package, 8 oz)
  •     Two tablespoons of olive or grapeseed oil
  •     A few pinches of salt


  • If you have one, use a cast-iron skillet.
  • Warm up a touch of oil (not too much, maybe a tablespoon).
  • Throw the peppers into the hot oil. Keep the heat at medium-high.
  • Let the ones on the bottom brown a bit before tossing.
  • Toss well, a few times.
  • Remove from heat.
  • Toss with salt, as desired.
  • Serve in an attractive dish.

Drink lots of sake. 


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Mary P Shriver
Mary P Shriver
A trauma-informed somatic stress therapist with a clinical practice in Los Angeles, she is also a writer and an accomplished cook. Originally from NYC, her storied background includes a stint in Las Vegas as a Big Band jazz singer and Director of Public Relations for the Four Season’s Beverly Hills. Contact Mary here: www.shakeoffstress.com

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