COVID Update: Some Good News

Progress is being made on tackling COVID-19. Here is some of the latest.

We get whipsawed as much as anyone these days — we have some good days, some bad days. It is horrible out there, no denying that. However, progress is being made. Here are some of the positive things we have seen today. 

From Monocle Radio The Briefing this morning (this is what I listen to in the morning during my workouts), the Austrian government has outlined a plan for re-opening business. They took action early and strongly. As a result, they are looking to start opening their country’s businesses in mid-May. This could be a road map for the rest of the world, once we get our outbreak under control.

From C.E. Scott Brewster, our man in finance, we received this roundup this morning. I value all the information we get from people in finance as they tend to be the most level headed about things. 

There continue to be positive developments that may get lost in the headlines.

  • The US is doing 100,000 tests a day as opposed to just 3,000 a couple weeks ago.
  • Ventilators are being 3D printed.
  • A 15-minute FDA-approved COVID-19 test has been developed, and the test can give positive test results in as little as 5 minutes. There is a huge backlog of tests in California, but as the new tests get disseminated, the backlog should decline.
  • Schools are opening in China and, as of April 8th, the quarantine is over in Wuhan.
  • There is global collaboration like never seen before.
  • There is a micro spray that can give surfaces a 70- to 90-day protection against COVID-19 which could be a game-changer for ambulances, hospitals, and public spaces in general.
  • There are some promising signs in New York City as the daily death totals have declined for the past four days.
  • In Washington State, they have figured out a way to sterilize PPE for safe and effective multiple uses.
  • There now are nearly 70 drugs that show promise in treating COVID-19, and more than 50 vaccines are already being developed.

All of the above unfortunately does not mean I have insight as to when this pandemic will end, but I do know that it will end. In the meantime, it is not all bleak news. We are an incredibly inventive species, and this thing has the undivided focus of the best and the brightest among us.


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