Mom, I Love You. Happy Mother’s Day!

Hit hard by Covid isolation, my mom is now digitally connected thanks to GetSetUp. "This is tremendous. I never thought I could do this.” 

Let’s Get Moms Set Up

My mom is not a digitally oriented person. She can use email, but that is about the extent of it. Covid isolation has hit her hard. Her previous life was a vivid schedule of lunches, meetings with friends, church groups, and symphony outings. She lost her husband a year ago and was managing well, only now she is extremely isolated. “I could easily go crazy without seeing people,” she told me.

She was sure that making video calls was beyond her — that she would just not be able to get it. Embarrassed, she admitted that she felt that she was not capable of learning how to make these vital digital human connections to remain in contact with her friends and family, even though the rest of the world was making them so easily. Like millions of others in her situation, she felt left out, and very alone.

But, guess what? Mom is now on video, and she is thrilled! “It’s fantastic, like a miracle. This is tremendous. I never thought I could do this.” 

How did this happen? I reached out to GetSetUp and asked for help. They suggested I connect mom with one of their super teachers, Wade, from North Carolina. Wade walked mom through the process. First, he helped her find out what sort of technology she had. Then, he helped her install the software and provide her with the skills to use it.

The whole process took 2 hours over 2 separate sessions. Wade kept me updated on mom’s progress, but I checked in with her to see how she was feeling. At first she was frustrated, but at the end of the second session, she felt victorious. “Wade, my teacher, was so patient, he was wonderful.”

Check out this video that I made of mom and I. It’s amazing. 

For her, this is life-changing. She is already thinking of all the people she can call: old friends, relatives, grandkids, and the list goes on. 

She gushed, “It’s limitless. I’m just getting started. It is fabulous beyond imagination.” 

Change your mom’s life. How is that for a Mother’s Day gift? It’s not often we get to do something that has this sort of impact on the people we love.

Mom is now a different person. She has gained the confidence that she can learn the sort of simple digital technologies that all of us take for granted. Spotify for her classical music, Netflix for her movies, Facebook to keep up with the family, and CVS for delivering her prescriptions. The whole world of digital opened up to her through the possibilities she can now see, all from a couple of simple lessons on how to use video on a phone.

Do you know anyone who needs a helping hand with digital technology? Just as Apple’s Genius Bar made technology support friendly and accessible, GetSetUp guides have the patience and empathy to help empower your mom.

GetSetUp is like the Genius Bar for everything, except they are working for you and your mom. Why not give your mom the gift of digital freedom with a GetSetUp class?

Give your mom the gift of connection. Only $59.99 for the Mom’s Care Package with White Glove Personalized Service.  BUY HERE.


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