The Wylde TakeCare Package

The Wylde is a community where people really do take care of one another. One way is through their fabulous Take Care Package.

Check this out! The very thoughtful people at The Wylde have mailed me this amazing package. What a genius idea! This is what a community does — they take care of each other. The idea of community is tossed about exceedingly casually these days. A real community, like The Wylde, cares for its members and its members care about each other.

In a community, people know each other and they know when someone is in need. As my friend Rina Raphael puts it, are they at your door with a casserole if you are not feeling well? You don’t have to ask for it, they just know. The Wylde TakeCare package arrived at my door in the midst of some pretty intense times. They care and they took some physical action to help. It made my day. 

This is what is in my Wylde TakeCare Package:

1x mini bottle Zacapa rum

1x mini honey

1x chocolate 

1x cinnamon stick 

1x turmeric ginger tea 

1x eye mask 

2x greek magic eye bracelets on a card that reads: “Dear David & Maggie — the greek magic eye stares out at the world to shield you from negativity and harm — Love M&C”

Printed on square cards:

1x The Wylde hot toddy recipe (who doesn’t want that?)

1x The Wylde stay-at-home movie list (awesomely good taste)

1x virtual museum tour list (because we all need beauty)

1x online volunteering sources (because we all want to help)

1x a time to reflect exercise (because this is an opportunity, also)


The handwritten note reads:

“Dear David — we wanted you to know we are thinking about you. Here’s a little sunshine take care package with some fun, goodness, and love from us. 

Your new “Wylde Buddy” is Melisse Gelula. Please check in on her from time to time. 

Send us a photo of you and your pack.


How amazing! I get a buddy! Remember when we were little tots at swim class and the teacher buddied us up? The idea was that our fellow tot would keep us from drowning or at least alert a grown-up. In the same spirit, I have now been assigned a Wylde buddy, someone who I am to check on, and who will check in on me. Doesn’t it feel great to have someone out there looking out for you? 

My buddy is Melisse Gelula, who was one of the founders of Well + Good. We have met a couple of times, once at a Wylde dinner. I think I may have won the buddy lottery! I’ll be reaching out to Melisse later today to find out how she is doing, if she needs anything, and what her coping strategies are. Next week I’ll let you know how it went. 

The Wylde (@wyldepeople) is a new club that brings people together around culture and purpose. They’ve launched in New York and are currently beginning memberships and programming. To find out more sign up here or contact them directly at cb@wyldepeople.com.


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