Why Multivitamins With Bioavailable Nutrients Are Imperative 

The reinvented multivitamin for 50+ women from Ritual offers a food-first approach and high-quality ingredients suitable for restrictive diets.

Ritual has created a revolutionary women’s 50+ multivitamin by using a food-first approach. It is a unique approach by a dedicated team of professionals to support women’s health by understanding what nutrients the bodies of women over 50 need, and then sourcing quality ingredients that their bodies can absorb.

Food-First Approach

“Nobody was putting a product like this together. We found 8 ingredients that one needs at this age, including some like the omega-3s and boron. We have designed Ritual’s Essential for Women 50+ to be synergistic in a food-first way,” Dr. Luke Bucci, PhD.

Suitable for Restrictive Diets 

It was important to the team when sourcing these key nutrients, to make sure they fit even with the most strict dietary restrictions so the product could be utilized by everyone. This means every ingredient is vegan-certified, non-GMO, gluten and allergen-free.

High-Quality Ingredients

The goal wasn’t to simply use the cheapest and easiest-to-obtain ingredients solely to cram more into a tablet. Ritual focused on sourcing high-quality ingredients. For instance, they chose to use folate rather than the synthetic form, folic acid, since up to 40% of women can’t properly utilize folic acid due to genetic variations. The Ritual team formulated Essential for Women 50+ with varying diets, lifestyles, and genetic makeup in mind. 

Attention to Detail 

Finding high-quality ingredients was no easy task, but one that the team felt was critical. For example, Ritual uses Vitashine™, a vegan-certified vitamin D3 from globally-sourced lichen, unlike the commonly used sheep’s wool or fish liver oil. They also use a non-soy version of vitamin K2 because it’s been shown to last longer in the body.

Ritual is different from many other multivitamins. They are working to create a new standard of quality. 

 We are very selective about who we work with here at AGEIST. After interviewing the science team at Ritual, and understanding how deep their scientific process was, we became tremendously enthusiastic about this product. Everything we have seen, top to bottom, from methods to ingredients to packaging to the monthly delivery, is minutely thought through to create a reinvented smart multivitamin supplement. This is a great company and we do not say this lightly. Rumor has it there is a men’s line in the pipeline for 2020. Stay tuned.

 Check out their multivitamins here and give them a try risk-free. 

This post is thoughtfully sponsored by Ritual.


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