Mary P Shriver

Mary P Shriver
A trauma-informed somatic stress therapist with a clinical practice in Los Angeles, she is also a writer and an accomplished cook. Originally from NYC, her storied background includes a stint in Las Vegas as a Big Band jazz singer and Director of Public Relations for the Four Season’s Beverly Hills. Contact Mary here: www.shakeoffstress.com

More Than Pampering: The Many Benefits of Massage

Barely tall enough to see above the table, my interest in massage began in the boudoir of my grandmother’s summer house on Long Island.  A place where the grown-ups entertained each other endlessly with things like outdoor sports and cocktails, us young’uns often had to find ways to entertain...

Hyperice Hypervolt Review – Good Vibrations for Some

The Hypervolt is Great for Some People, but a Punisher for Others Every few years technology gifts us a praise-worthy upgrade in the electronic massage-tool department. This year my most coveted self-massage tool, the Brookstone (double headed) Thumper, is being demoted to my guest room bedside table. To replace it,...

Golden Cacao Latte

When people learn that I reversed stage 3 arthritis in my neck and hands, they implore to know how I did it.  I always credit turmeric. The truth is that I simply riffed on a Golden Tea recipe I read. I love my concoction so much that I decided...


Egg Salad with Cumin and Fennel-Mary Shriver Eggs are a wonderful food. We are big fans, and a few a week are fine. When shopping, try to get only organic pastured ones. It's a better idea that the chickens are eating yummy bugs rather than who knows what GMO feed. This...