Sheri Radel Rosenberg

    Sheri Radel Rosenberg has spent a life in advertising. Currently she's a freelance writer focusing on women at midlife and the power of reinvention. She regularly writes on her own blog and also works with brands to develop content in the areas of women's health, wellness, fashion, and beauty .She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and a ten pound ball of doggie fluff called Khan.

    It’s Time for Advertising to Grow Up. Marketers, I’m Talking to You.

    Good morning, Friday. Thank goodness.So everyone's in Cannes this week for the big advertising equivalent of the Oscars, and even though I spent a lifetime in advertising and also produced some award-winning work, I have never been to Cannes. And I don't mind. At all. As a non-joiner, self-congratulatory...

    Who’s Your Keanu?

    The Excellent Appeal of Keanu Reeves Keanu Reeves is having a bona fide moment. He's looking every inch the noir-cool guy on the cover of GQ, is the new face of Saint Laurent, and is rumored to have a film festival (KeanuCon!) dedicated just to him. And, at 54, his renaissance is not...

    Is It Time for Advertising To Grow Up?

    Scenes from the front lines of a mad, mad ageist world By Sheri Radel RosenbergThe industry I've called home for many years, advertising, has always been notoriously youth obsessed. Chasing the latest demographic with an alphabet letter has been the standard operating procedure since I entered the business in the...