Hilary Rifkin, 56: Fitness for Joy and Wellbeing

Self-care means not only maintaining one's body and mind but also having a great time doing it — life is not meant to always be some grim march through the trenches. Pleasure, in our minds, is a human right. Hilary is a living example of what happens when one aligns one's passions with one's lifestyle. A former publishing exec and mother of two (three if you count her beloved dog Bo), started lifting weights at...

Sean Entin: The Stroke Hacker’s Survival Guide

Every 45 seconds someone in America suffers from a stroke. Sean Entin, a stroke survivor and now survivor’s coach, joins the SupeAge podcast this week to discuss how he turned his trauma to triumph. At just 40...

Rob Feakins: Cancer Overcomer Making An Impact

Using one’s career capital and skill set in a related and more soulfully fulfilling way is something that many of us come to naturally. It could be the changes that naturally happen as we progress up the age column...

Amy Lerner, 55: Off-Road Racer, Mom, and Filmmaker

That often overused brand slogan, Just Do It, seems a fitting life mantra for the ever-surprising Amy Lerner. There are no limits in Amy's world. There is no voice that says " Oh we can't do this, we may...

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Robert Tisdale, 59: Laughter as Medicine

The incidences of mental health problems and substance abuse have risen dangerously during the pandemic. Relapse and overdose rates have increased by 30% since...