Steve Buscemi

At 59, the hardest working man in show business is set to replace Owen Wilson in the TBS series Miracle Workers. He has more than 150 acting credits to his name, not counting his directorial work like the critically-acclaimed Trees Lounge and several episodes of The Sopranos. Maybe you can chalk that up to the blue collar upbringing, or the perspective of a man who was a New York City firefighter for years before hitting the big time. But we believe it’s because of the fact that Buscemi can shape shift despite his unmistakable look: the calculating mob boss, the sensitive criminal, the down-on-his-luck barfly. Buscemi’s genius is in his ability to adapt to the needs of the scene and of the actor playing opposite him. That’s why the former fire fighter is the darling of directors everywhere and one of the most in-demand actors of his generation. We love this guy.

Andreas Tzortzis
Andreas Tzortzis
He has worked as a journalist for the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Newsweek and Monocle Magazine from Berlin and London before leading Red Bull’s mainstream-facing content platform, The Red Bulletin, from Los Angeles. He recently returned to his hometown of San Francisco with his small family. dre@agei.st

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