Humans vs Mice. We Are Not The Same.

Humans vs Mice. We Are Not The Same.
Source: Cell Metabolism

A recent study from Cell Metabolism researches the differences in mortality rates due to consequences of the aging process between humans and mice. As we age, certain processes are impacted which can increase our mortality rate. One of these processes is our glucose homeostasis and metabolic function. This is important research because it helps us better understand proper interventions to reduce the risk of some of the age-related symptoms like metabolic dysfunction from changing glucose levels. What the study found was that as humans aged, lower fasting blood glucose levels meant a lower mortality rate. Conversely, a lower fasting blood glucose level for mice meant a higher mortality rate. As the study states, this finding acts as a “cautionary tale for translating age-associated metabolic changes from mice to humans.” [1]

[1] Cell Metabolism