Sophia Gruzdys

sophia gruzdys, 60, architect

A director at Yale, serving on the Fulbright Scholarship Committee, she decided when she was 54 to quit her New York life, move to Spain and build a house. “It takes a long time to work out how to live. If I have been holding back, then the time is now.” It’s an AGEIST theme: do it now.

She feels that later in life is not a time to become risk-averse. “You have a huge body of knowledge and now is the time to use it. In the case of financial marketers, I’m no longer a 60:40 sort of person.”

She has spent recent years thinking about how best to slim her lifestyle; she has grown to hate “stuff” and the brands that espouse amassing it at low prices.

It’s no surprise that Airbnb and Zipcar are her favorite brands. And taking a page out of the sharing economy rulebook, her current obsession is working up the courage to throw out next to all of her possessions. “Apart from my books,” she adds. “They are a part of me.”


Andreas Tzortzis
Andreas Tzortzis
He has worked as a journalist for the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Newsweek and Monocle Magazine from Berlin and London before leading Red Bull’s mainstream-facing content platform, The Red Bulletin, from Los Angeles. He recently returned to his hometown of San Francisco with his small family. dre@agei.st


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