As a generation, the over-50s are a critically important demographic. They are a huge and wealthy generation, controlling $15 trillion in assets and income. Their political, social and economic standing makes them the most powerful generation to have ever lived. Despite this, brands and media have all but written them off, treating them as out-to-pastures, winding down the clock on an eternal last weekend: playing golf, taking cruises, and struggling with Viagra packaging. But that was their parents.

    From where we sit, something very different is happening. All aspects of how later life is being lived are changing and AGEIST has positioned itself to better understand these changes, to help our partners and clients get ahead of the curve.

    Over the last 2 years we have been seeking out, interviewing and photographing people over the age of 50 who are leading lives that point to a new way of doing things. We have amassed hundreds of hours of ethnographies and interviews in the largest ongoing study of its kind that we know of anywhere in the world.

    We wanted to know, if we reject all of the cliches, the stereotypes and the stock photography that accompanies it, what is the experience of living life over the age of 50 really like? How wrong do brands and media really get it? Trends started to emerge, cause separated from effect; motivations, beliefs and desires about all aspects of aging were documented.

    From day 1 it was apparent that we needed a new language and visual direction for our mission and audience. Unlike other life stages, there really isn’t anything out there in the way of templates or substantial role models. Alongside our extensive ethnographies and interviews, we made a requirement that all of our research subjects be photographed. We wanted to show the individuals behind our findings in a way that was empowering, personal and true to themselves — as opposed to what society has come to impose on them.

    Welcome to the new reality of an emerging generation. Welcome to AGEIST.

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