The People We Have Become: Stacy London

Start an entirely new venture way out of one’s career experience at age 52? How audacious, but why not. Stacy shows us how to be an absolute beginner, to believe you can do it, and to thrive. Fashion editor, stylist, author, star of “What Not to Wear,” and now founder of State of Menopause, Stacy continues to evolve and show that the only things that can hold you back are self-limiting beliefs and expectations. After going through menopause, Stacy realized how under-prepared women are for this time in their lives. She felt isolated, overwhelmed, and stuck. Now, she is determined to create a language and community for all women to feel confident and educated going into an inevitable phase in their life. She wants to talk about menopause and aging in a way that is productive and meaningful.

How are women unprepared for menopause? Why must we stop pining over who we used to be and stay present in who we are now? Why is it beneficial to have a variety of friends younger, older, and the same age us? What do I do if I’m scared to pivot careers or try something new? How has technology changed how we live and our ability to be present? How do we let go of expectations? 

“People don’t realize how much power they possess over the way they’re perceived.” 

“Create a life that you don’t want to run away from.” 

“As I’ve aged, my interest in style has kind of grown into an interest in wellness.” 

“Why not change or pivot and do something at 52? What else should I be doing? Should I be sitting around, mourning that I don’t have the career that I had at 32? What would be the point of that? Where does the purpose lie in that?” 

What you will learn in this episode:
– How Stacy is reimagining how we approach menopause
– Why we must stay present and stop pining over who we used to be
– Why we should seek out a friend group of a variety of ages, older, younger, and the same as us
– How to let go of self-limiting beliefs and try something new, no matter your age
– How technology has changed our lives and what Stacy thinks social media will become in the future
– Stacy and David’s life non-negotiables
– Why letting go of expectations will change your life

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Connect with Stacy:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stacylondonreal/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/stacylondon?lang=en


  1. Take a look at the work of comedian Gail Forrest, she has been doing standup and written an entire book on this …called Gonepausal. instagram @gailforrestcomedy


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